Introducing Secure zones

Updated on 01-February-2016 at 11:47 AM

With the Secure zone module you can create a membership only type area for your site.

Secured content added will only be visible to users who have successfully logged into your site. If a non-authenticated (or anonymous) user attempts to open up a secured page, they will see the "Secure Zone Unauthorized" system page.

In more advanced scenarios you can set an expiration date for memberships. For example, this allows you to create a 30-day trial access zone and sell membership access to users for a payment based access zone. Take a look at this tutorial that describes how to implement this type of setup.

Another possible setup would be to subscribe users to a paid secure zone in order to grant them access to discounted products.

You can create multiple secure zones on a single site and secure different content. For example create 2 membership only areas, one with a set 30-days expiry period with some secured media download items and a paid, permanent paid secure zone with access to all your media download items.