How to Add or Edit Your Website's Content

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

In this section we will review the tools available for adding new content or editing existing content in Business Catalyst. Whether you are looking to edit pages, templates, products, webapp items, system pages, email templates and so on you can use one (or more than one) of the tools detailed in this section.

Here is a quick overview of each of them:

The Redactor Editor

This is the most common editing interface in Business Catalyst. You can use it to visually edit pages, templates, products, webapp items, pretty much everything in Business Catalyst. It also has a HTML view if you want to edit the underlying code. It is most suited for regular editing however it has its limitations when it comes to creating custom HTML code.

The In Context Editor (or ICE)

This is a great tool for novice users who are not used to HTML code or layouts to make quick content edits in Business Catalyst. It basically requires you to create (using the WYSIWYG editor, the Develop tab or Dreamweaver) pre-defined editable regions on your pages. Your customers can then access the text or images in these pre-defined editable areas without worrying of breaking the site's layout or affecting areas other than the designated ones.

Note: ICE is not compatible with liquid code and because of that, editing a page that includes liquid with ICE will break the code. Therefore, if liquid code is detected in the page the ICE gets disabled. Whenever the page is incompatible with ICE, you'll see this message: “This page contains liquid markup which is not supported by the visual editor. To update this page, please use the admin editor accessible under Manage tab, Site Manager > Pages section.” ICE will continue to work for sites that are published from latest Muse. These sites contain liquid markup but ICE knows how to handle this specific case.